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49 day body transfornation

Review: Burn The Fat 49 Day Body Transformation System by Tom Venuto

Body Type, The Customized Fat Burning System in Detail: Tom Venuto, The New Online Fat Loss Program

If you’re one of the many who’ve been looking for a Burn the Fat Body system, you’re not alone, I know just how you feel. Will it work? Will it burn the fat and build muscle? Is the program quality and designed by a knowledgeable trainer? You may be wondering all of these questions and more. No matter if it’s the latest greatest fitness program on fat loss, promoting lean muscle, or if it’s working top notch, stay with me.

One of the most successful and the most effective fat loss programs is Burn the Fat Feed. This program has been around since 2002. It works not only to help lose that extra fat, but also helps to build muscle if you wish to do so. Recently updated and given a new name, “The Burn The Fat 49 Day Body Transformation” by Author Tom Venuto who is a professional bodybuilder. All natural bodybuilding is his goal. No steroids are used whatsoever and it’s considered an all natural program. Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Adult Health and Fitness which he garnered from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. This accurate system he developed is for everyone not just bodybuilders. It will help you to quickly lose weight and fat via many different nutritional and exercise programs which depend upon your specific body type.

Toms program has allowed many from all walks of life to dramatically reduce their fat in as few as 49 days. This customized approach dates back to approximately 80 years ago when William H. Sheldon saw how various body types have responded to the identical diet and nutritional approaches. This lets the same plan work for some, but not others. Thus, after countless failures, many diets offset success.

Of course, there are three main body types. Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. These basic bodies aren’t set in stone and most have at least some matching features of two body types to varying degrees.

According to Tom Venuto, you’ll learn what does and doesn’t work for your specific body type. You’ll find that following his customized blueprint will allow you to lose the fat effectively and permanently.

If you’re eating the wrong foods you’ll never achieve the fat burn you’re seeking.

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Burn The Fat Body Transformation System – Does It What It Promises To Do?
Does It Help You In Burning The Fat And Gaining Muscle?

Until December the 9th 2013, this program was just available in a PDF digital format that was instantly downloadable. As of 10th of December 2013, the old system called “Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle” was relaunched, this time with a new title, “The Burn The Fat 49 Day Body Transformation System”. The file is in a much better media format.

The new edition is an entirely remake of the former PDF manual version. It is a complete “system” that includes multi-media like coaching through audio, video a nutrition plan and a workout plan. The main parts are audio mp3 coaching sessions. These are not just pod casts, but a complete audio system similar to Tony Robbin’s Personal Power. This is a much better version, but it does cost more.

Online Body Transformation Program And “Inner Circle”
This new program offers a lot of benefits, including a new quick start program that only takes seven days. It includes information on what foods to eat and how to exercise, support socially, personal mentoring, and motivational coaching.

The program’s primary benefits are:


A proven plan in losing fat without taking any supplements. Tom Venuto is a seasoned bodybuilder and is familiar and is well aware that there are no magic pills and supplements that will replace discipline and hard work if you want to get into perfect shape. He speaks against literature put out by the supplement manufacturers that really do not do much in helping you lose fat, but which increase profits for the companies. A diet that is tailored to your body type will not require you to sacrifice food and starve yourself. This only makes you lose weight in water and does little in helping you lost fat. When the diet is filled with healthy and nutritious foods, and with the right exercise program, you can eat, lose weight and feel great.

The fat loss is permanent. You can maintain the weight once you have achieved it, or continue to lose more fat and get ripped. The diet plan stabilizes your metabolism and does not subject you to any extremes that leads to a yo-yo effect, like those fad diets. Once you have learned what foods to eat and how much to eat according to your body’s response, you can maintain your weight and stay lean permanently.

You don’t need drugs to shed those pounds. Tom Venuto emphasizes on a natural program that is based on solid nutritional and physical guidelines. This controls the gaining of body fat and increases the development of muscle. Drugs only give you temporary effects, and often they are dangerous to your health if taken for a long-term.

You have the option to go for an upgrade to the ebook community that provides extra resources like a calculator for body fat, audio files with Q&A, forums, and reviews on supplements.

The program is easy to use and understand. It is laid out with simple language without using terminology that is hard to understand. Instruction is laid out in a step-by-step manner so you know exactly how to choose your foods, how to exercise, etc.

The program has been tried and proven to lose fat. Many users raved about The “Burn The Fat Body Transformation System” which has earned a high reputation over the past ten years. Users send in thank-you notes and images before and after their use of the plan. These testimonials are authentic and there is no way to fake them. This is the best guarantee of the program besides the program offers a sixty-day, money-back guarantee.


There are no apparent negatives. This new version is a much better improvement over the PDF format. The multimedia capabilities really improved the system. So far, there are no disadvantages yet.

In summary, the “Burn The Fat 49 day Body Transformation System” is a proven program that can help you lose weight and develop muscle. It is suitable for anyone who wants to get in shape, not just for people who want to get into bodybuilding. Instructions are laid out clearly in a step-by-step approach. The information on the right foods to eat and the bad ones to avoid and how to create an exercise program that you can do at home will help you reach your goals. You are not required to go to the gym, and there is definitely no need for taking supplements.

Lose the Weight, Burn The Fat

There is a difference between losing the weight and losing the fat. One of the most common misconceptions. that Tom points out is many are confused by the difference between weight loss and fat loss and they’re misunderstanding the scale of body composition. This new system will help kick start the body into a fat burning machine in lieu of simply losing excess water or muscle via low calorie diets.

The result of this incredible program is that you don’t lose water or muscle tone, you’re eating the proper food and eliminating the fat storing foods. You’re choosing foods that give you the proper nutrition for your specific body type. You’ll receive two bonus booklets to show you what to avoid like the plague and what you can eat safely.

As long as your initial body type set up is done correctly, you’ll have an exact blueprint on proper nutrition and exercise to do step by step. You’ll be able to lose excess fat without exercise but it’s wise to stick with some exercise. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, obese or simply need to maintain a proper weight, this plan will work for you.

You’ll also learn weight resistance training. You’ll find that surprisingly, weight training doesn’t have to include excessive repetitions in order to achieve your goals. In fact, you’ll find that you may not feel you’re doing enough, but don’t worry, you’re doing it right.

Tom Venuto’s training guide relies on heavy, low repetitive sets that include the 5 Kings of exercise. Squats, dead lifts, bench press, military press and barbell row. That’s all there is to it, basic exercises and eating the proper foods will help you to lose the fat, maintain a healthy weight and feel better. Your metabolism will be kick started into high gear and you’ll find that you’re melting the fat right off of your body in no time. No more second guessing your foods and portions, Tom has made this plan so easy that anyone can succeed and reach their weight loss goals.

Learning About Weight Loss Through the Burn The Fat System

Burn The Fat 49 Day Body Transformation SystemBurn The Fat Body Transformation System is getting a lot of attention. Many people believe that the book is very applicable to everyday life. In it, readers learn about setting individual goals for their body. They also learn about how to attain their goals.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle touches on several important issues. First, it discusses weight loss and highlights how important the mind is in the process. In addition, readers learn which foods they should buy at the grocery store. They walk away with an understanding of when they should be eating those foods as well.

Most diets that you read about don’t take individual needs into account. For example, you can’t follow the same diet as another person that weighs fifty pounds more than you. If you try, you are likely to fail. Therefore, you need to understand how many calories your body needs and adjust your diet based on that. This book can help you understand what to do. One fact that most people don’t realize is that calorie intake is an important part of burning fat. The information you read may change the way you look at your food forever.

Metabolism, of course, is also important in losing weight and getting rid of fat. Having a good understanding of your own metabolism will assist you in your weight loss journey, and this book gives you the information you need to be successful.

Staying active also plays a large role in the weight loss process. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle goes over several exercises that can help you get rid of unwanted fat. In particular, cardiovascular workouts are discussed; readers learn what type of exercises they should participate in and understand what type of workout schedule is best for them.

Finally, weight training is also addressed. Even if you’ve never picked up a weight before, there are things you can do to help yourself and your body get into shape. The book lays out the information in easy to understand language, so everyone can pick up on what they need to do right away.

Now is the time to achieve your goal weight. This book can help you, but you must be ready to make changes in your life. Getting what you want often involves a lot of hard work. You must be ready to change your lifestyle to accomplish your goals.

The nice thing about the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program is that it doesn’t take long to see results. In less than two months, you will no longer recognize your body. Delayed gratification is hard for everyone, especially when you are trying to improve your appearance. This book can help you get ready for beach season or tone your abs. It helps you get healthy without depriving yourself. Give it a try today.

49 day body transfornation


Burn the Fat Review

Burn the Fat is a weight loss guide that is like no other on the market today. What makes it stand apart from all the others is that it does not make promises that are obviously untrue. There is no overnight cure for weight loss and the guide is honest in telling you this. However, it does promise to teach you how to get into great shape when you are willing to put in the effort.

This willingness to be honest about weight loss says a lot about the product. All too often in the weight loss industry companies play on a persons desperation, promising things that will never happen, to cinch the sale.

The guide is written in a style that everyone can understand. The steps are easy to follow. The guide provides an approach to fat loss that bodybuilders use – including the author. You will be guided step-by-step on how to burn off your fat and create lean muscle. This is for permanent weight loss, not just a quick fix.

By learning this type of methodology to permanent weight loss, you will gain the knowledge you need for continued weight control success.

The guide is very extensive in the subjects that it covers. The author provides relevant information on everything from proper eating habits to how to stay motivated. Everything you need to know about turning that flab to fab is easily accessible in the guide.

Each section of the guide is devoted to a specific area that you must address for success. The information is arranged to be easily understood, yet it is comprehensive enough to educate the reader on the importance of the subject. For instance, many diets will claim that you should eat protein to loose weight. Burn the Fat takes the subject one step father. It explains why protein is good, what it does for your body and how it helps create the lean, toned look you desire.

Following the guide for optimal weight loss makes sense, even though it may take some effort on your part. The guide provides detailed instruction on how to effectively loose the weight with the honest statement that it may take several months to reach your end goal.

There are two distinct features that may make the program seem to fall short of other weight loss guides. First, your end goal may take a few months to attain. While several differences in your appearance are noticeable in a week or two, it is not a quick loss plan. Second, this plan is not a customized plan. The plan offers a few variations that you can select from, otherwise it is a same-for-all set up. This may dissuade some dieters.

However, if you are looking for the real-deal in weight management and a realistic approach to getting in shape, this guide is the perfect choice for you!

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