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Why Does the Old School New Body Program Work?

Old School New Body ReviewYou may have heard of Old School New Body. But, what exactly is this fitness system? It helps participants transform their bodies, look younger and achieve hormonal balance. It came about from both scientific discoveries and the teachings of an old Hollywood trainer, a method that was once lost. This system was put together by three individuals. John Rowley is an author that contributes to SmartMoney, Fox News and Martha Stewart. Steve Holman is the Editor and Chief of Iron Man Magazine. He and Becky Holman are married, and she contributes to the magazine as well.

Married for more than 25 years, Steve and Becky Holman have an interesting story. As a teenager, Steve was quite skinny. He took up weight training to add some bulk to his frame, and he has been involved with it ever since then. After marrying and have two girls, Becky took time off from work to raise them. She soon became frustrated with her appearance; she was in her 40s and overweight. However, she managed to turn that all around in just a few months, and she now contributes nutrition information to Iron Man Magazine, the periodical where her husband serves as Editor in Chief. He’s held that position for almost as long as the two have been married. In addition, Steve enjoys writing about nutrition, muscle building and burning fat. He has more than 20 books to his name, and he also writes for a blog called “Built for Life.” Through the course of his work, Steve has had the opportunity to speak with well-known stars that also make building muscle a priority in their lives. Some of these include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Cory Everson and Lee Labrada. You can find his e-books at X-traordinaryWorkouts.com and X-Rep.com.

Why, though, should you use their fitness system when there are so many programs to select from? What makes it stand out from the competition? Part of the reason is the lost teachings the system is based on. The old Hollywood trainer put his students through an intense workout, and that type of intensity seems to be missing from many workouts today. If you walk into a gym and watch the people for a few minutes, you’ll notice that they gravitate toward light weights. They also take a lot of breaks. The exceptions to this go overboard, picking up weights that are too heavy and eventually injuring themselves.

It is not necessary to pick up the heaviest weights to get good results. That is actually a bad tactic, as you can hurt yourself and cause damage to your immune system. You need to work at it, but it needs to be done in a safe manner over time. The F4 Fatloss System is a good model for that.

With the F4 system, participants are encouraged to use moderate weights. This puts less stress on the joints. However, participants are only allowed short rests, meaning that the muscles should become quite tired over the course of the workout. As a result, there is a growth hormone release that encourages the body to burn fat and build muscle. This hormone decreases naturally with age, but by participating in a workout like the F4 system, you can encourage it to make a comeback. Therefore, not only will you be in incredible shape, you can help yourself look younger and feel better. This program is different than just about anything else on the market today, and that is a good thing; most participants are not achieving the desired results with those other programs. However, Old School New Body is different.

Old School New Body is simple but effective. If you would like more information, go to the Positive Fitness Interviews website. You can listen to several interviews and get a better handle on the program. Keep in mind that it has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

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Aging is a necessary evil we all have to face at some point in life. As the effects of aging kick in, we notice sagging at some parts of our bodies, wrinkles, and age spots which are to most, the worst nightmare especially ladies. Also, it is a fact that all people tend to get fatter as they age; even the skinny ones. As one ages, the muscle tone is lost and fat takes control hence making you look saggy and older than you actually are.

This however, can be avoided and you could indeed stop the aging process in a heartbeat. Instead of giving in to the aging effects, there are measures you can take to get your muscle tone back to its perfect shape, lose the extra weight to keep fit and remain healthy regardless of the age. This can be proven by the few individuals who look much younger than they really are. The trick isn’t rocket science and this can be attained simply by learning the lessons taught by Old School New Body.

The course is really straight-forward focusing on how to deal with the fat and aging menace as you restore you muscle tone back to its former glory. Old School New Body also enlightens you on the myths flying around which actually deters you from getting the yearned young look. You will be surprised by the myths the book unravels such as that of a low fat diet. Instead, it teaches that fats are indeed essential in the body and necessary for fitness and aging. The course also unravels the myth on how exercise is done.

Contrary to common perception, long and daunting workout sessions don’t really produce the results intended. Most of those looking to shed of that extra weight may be wondering why the belly fat or sagging skin never go away and this is simply because workouts are not done as they are supposed to according to the book. Instead of spending numerous hours at the gym which bears no fruits eventually, the book teaches on short but effective exercises that should do the trick.

The book is also quick to pin point the essential role that water plays in health and fitness which is a fact that most individuals brush aside. It explains how water helps rejuvenate the body and how it makes you look much younger than your age besides how it can be used in fat burning. The best part about using this particular book to boost your fitness is not in the tricks, but the attitude you derive from it. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean that wrinkles and saggy skin should be part of you. The basics steps taught in the book should change your life, with only 13 minutes a day and an hour and a half a week required of you.

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