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The Privacy Policy of this site is as follows: This site does not collect data from any user that visits the site. We do not attach any tracking devices of any type to our visitors, nor do we log any information about our guests.

Any information that is collected on this site from sales generated on the site is kept in strict confidence. We do not sell, share, lend, barter, freely distribute, or use any other means to share information with third parties bout our clients.

Any information that is provided to our site in the form of placing an order is protected to the best of our abilities from any transmission interception or other forms of Internet interference. We adhere to strict safety measures and try to stay updated at all times for secure transmissions using the latest encryption technology.

It is not our intention at any time to change this Privacy Policy because we feel that it is in the best interest of our clients. If at any time we make a change to this policy, it will only be to enhance security features. This site will post information on the main page for all visitors to witness if any changes are made.

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