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Use of this site is for informational and ordering purposes only. This site is provided as a free service to introduce potential clients to products that we offer. We only offer information that is provided to use from the manufacturer of the product and do so under the guidelines that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Registration is not required to use or access the information on this site. Users are free to read and interpret that information as they see fit, without any obligation. Users do not have to pay to access information, subscribe to any type of newsletter or feed or leave personal information on the site.

We reserve the right to change any and all information on this site at any time we receive updated information about our products from the manufacturer. Information on this site cannot be copied, transferred, or otherwise used in any other fashion. We have explicit rights granted by the manufacturer to the information, graphs, pictures and other data on this site.

Information contained on this site is assumed to be accurate. Owners of this site will not take any responsibility for misleading information provided by the manufacturer. Users of this site are encouraged to use the contact information for any additional questions they may have about listed products.

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