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The Euro 2016 goes on 10. June los. 24 teams battle around the advancement and a place in the finals. By increasing the number of teams is the EM this year for the first time a week longer than in the previous years. For customers of sports betting providers is also a hot time because this many actions for their customers.

So also NetBet, which is currently in a ratio of 14.00 for the victory for Germany in the EM, if you as a new customer logs in. Should you lose the bet, NetBet the amount reimbursed.

New Customer will receive rate and boost if you are currently at the sports betting providers NetBet an account is gaining in popularity, you can use the correct bonus code a quota boost for the EM. More precisely, the quota boost for the victory of the German DFB eleven. Customers must be on the victory of the DFB eleven and are a quota boost on your first 5 Euro use. Customers can then cash winnings to the regular rates, plus the profits of the increased rate, the account will be credited within 48 hours.

One has to be in an account NetBet up must be during the registration the bonus code ‘quota boost”. The customer will then, after successful activation of the bonus code, a bonus in the amount of 0.01 euros will be credited. This is the acknowledgment that customers can take advantage of the Bonus Wager. The first bet must then be up to a maximum of 5 Euro with a single bet on Germany as the overall winner of the Euro 2016 to the current market price are placed. The offer is on 11. June 2016 at 23:59 pm ends. Should the customer request a withdrawal, although the avg piel conditions have not been met, the entire bonus credits away.

The new customers should also know the action is only valid for new customers. It may only be used pre-live betting, a maximum use of 5 Euro. Should the use of high, yet only 5 Euro for the action is applied. The offer is only valid for customers that are on the website of the vendor register and the action code. The action is up to 11. June 2016 at 23:59 am. It is important that customers only this welcome offer can use and can register for no further.

Are betting on handicaps, forecast and tricast-markte completed, not to pay the sales conditions of the bonus. Customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania and Ireland have the bonus credits 3 times at a minimum rate of 1.60 implement, otherwise it will expire after 7 days. For all other countries is that the bonus of 6 times to a minimum quota of 1.60 must be implemented, otherwise forfeit the bonus also after 7 days.

Money back if the bet is lost customers should the increased bet, you lose 100 percent of the original bet as a bonus bet refunded. If the bet is lost, NetBet already before the official final result the bonus refund. Customers who abuse the action are excluded from this. The cash-back bonus must be 6 times to a minimum quota of 1.60 will be implemented and will expire after 14 days, if it is not used. More odds and news on

10 € Freebet at NetBet

The EM 2016 will take place from 10. June to 10. July and promises to be an exciting tournament. For the first time take 24 national teams in the competition and try to get to the finals. They are both the first and second and third group the four best.

The beginning will host France and Romania. Also in the run-up to the ongoing friendship games are a first rehearsal and can first favorites and underdogs. With NetBet now you can a 10 Euro Free Bet. So it works with the free bet.

set the mood in the run-up to the EM heat already, the bookmaker NetBet its customers just a great action. For this, customers a 10 Euro pre-live single bets on any international friendship game between the 1. June 2016 and the 8. June 2016 and can be a free bet for the EM. This requires the bets to a minimum quota of 1.60 or higher.

To be able to take part, customers will need to sign in with your account and then NetBet Pre-Live a single bet is a bet. It is only when the action Pre-Live-single bets on international friendship games. For the participation of players need your participation on the “Part” button on the website of the bookmaker to confirm. This must be up to the 8. June 2016 before 10:00. In the event of a failure of the period or the non-compliance with the general terms and conditions is the free bet forfeited or not credited.

The terms and conditions of the free wager

the maximum amount of the free bet is 10 Euro. Players will receive these 24 hours after the end of the action of the bookmaker. To get the bonus must be valid bets have been provided. This must be of a minimum quota of 1.60 As Pre-Live bet on a international friendship game. Customers must make the quotas available in the betting market. The part of the wager, the free wager is the profit not included. Free betting the customer can also be used individually. This is a use-non-refundable Free Bet.

Players will be your profit minus the use as credit on your accounts at the bookmaker. If a bet is canceled, it cannot be used for this action. The same applies for bets with cash-out have been completed. Players from the following countries are excluded from the action: United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, India, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Nigeria, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe and Ukraine. Netbet reserves the right at any time to change the action or exit. More betting under

Tipp3: EM-Challenge

The EM in France will start in a few days, on 10. June 2016 is the kick-off in the game between France vs. Romania. For fans of sports betting and the betting provider a great time, with many actions atmosphere. Also the bookmaker tip3 offers to EM great actions for its customers at both for existing customers as well as apply.

There are a total of rich 4 actions to EM in France, in the next few days on the website of the vendor is available. So worth a regular look, because then the EM in France is still much better.

EM-Challenge and EM-Freebets backing up the bookmaker tip3 has just in time for the EM A EM-challenge launched. For this, customers can win free credit if the 10. 06. Up to 11.07. 2016 to at least 48 games of the EM wagered. A total of 51 games take place, so that clients are the spoilt for choice. As profit curls 50 Euro free credit. If you only want to set to 25 games then you go as a tip3 customer also is not empty. Here waiting for the customer still 25 Euro free credit.

In general, it seems useful to be given away as a tip3 customer time and time again on the website of the bookmaker. This has announced that it will always be free bets throughout the EM. Since the EM four weeks and thus a week will be longer than before, customers can therefore also a longer freebet actions benefit. It is worth while to have a look.

Welcome & Reload Bonus as well as 5 € starting credit will in addition to the EM-challenge and the EM-Free bets can new customers an additional 5 Euros starting credit. To do this you must be between the 1. June and the 14. June with tip3 login and register. The starting credit the customer will be credited automatically after successful registration. For the action is not a bonus code or other necessary. In addition, new clients the 100 percent up to 103 Euro Welcome Bonus. This can be used on all other EM 16 actions are applied.

Also for existing customers promises the betting provider a reload bonus. Here it is a case of e-mail regularly check. This will not only new customers with attractive bonuses reward, but also customers who already have a longer period of time are logged in the betting provider. Tip3 offers its customers during the EM many actions, from which you can choose which is the best. In this way, the EM for customers even more exciting and the bets can be more fun. The EM is in total with 24 national teams equipped uckt be from which in the end only two teams to the finals. It is exciting to see which team is at the end of may enforce and new European Champion. Additional for the Euro 2016 get the betway or the Interwetten bonus.

TV spot Series “Big Game” won an Award

The sports betting providers Tipico is now for his good TV spots. On the one hand there was the football-Spot with FC Bayern Munich, the campaign “in football everything can happen. Bet?” The TV spot showed the footballers in a different light and showed that even these can have fun and not only on the square spells.

The latest TV spot Series “Big Game” was now in London with an award. Award in the category “most effective sports marketing campaign” could make the bookmakers on the award.
TV-Spot Series Receives Award

The bookmaker Tipico receives in London while E-Gaming Review Marketing & Innovation Award 2016 an award in the category “most effective sports marketing campaign”. There was the Tv-Spot Series “Big Game” for the best sports book marketing campaign” were chosen and set it against the also nominated the betting provider manor gaming and Sky Bet. The award ceremony took place on 1. June 2016 in the pavilion at the Tower of London by an independent jury of experts.

With the spot applied Tipico in the category for the most effective sports marketing campaign. The Tv-Spot Series “Big Game” originates from the year 2015. The story of the spots will be in five parts of the story. In this duel the brand ambassador Oliver Kahn and Peter snug in the card game for your career success. The campaign ran a total of 16 weeks in this time were regularly published new episodes. The high point was a surprising view into the future of the two goalkeeper set Kahn and snug: In fifty years still play them against each other and duel.

Cross-media approach led to the success of the campaign

the Tipico campaign owes its success above all to the implemented cross-media approach to was advertised. So Tv-Spots reached a total range of 79 million contacts. A survey among betting affine people and existing Tipico online customer then confirmed the positive effect. After all, almost 70 percent of participants that the campaign had seen at least once.

The E-Gaming Review magazine is considered to be the world’s leading B2B-publication for the online gaming industry. It will be a year of prizes are awarded to the most innovative and creative vendor in the industry. Taking into account any promotional activity in the last twelve months has taken place. In this way, the magazine published a comprehensive view and can be a verdict. The Brand Ambassador Kahn and snug currently apply a further action of the bookmaker. With the parcour-app can players on their mobile devices a ball through the participating countries of the EM kick and thus secure the title. All bookmaker you will find under

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