Online Casinos from the UK

Quite simply put, online casinos are entirely legal in the UK. The legality of online casinos in the United Kingdom stems from the 2005 Gambling Act, which contains a section covering “remote gambling,” which includes gambling by phone or on the Internet. There are even many online casinos that are based inside of the UK, as operating online casinos in the United Kingdom is entirely legal.

Issues with Depositing to Online Casinos from the UK

Depositing to an online casino account from the UK is simple, easy, and problem-free. There are numerous methods available, and few (if any) restrictions on how or when you may fund your online casino account.

Current Deposit Methods Available

If you have a deposit method you prefer, it’s almost certain to be acceptable and available in the UK. For instance, most credit and debit cards can be used to instantly deposit money into an online gambling account. If you prefer not to give your personal information directly to the casino, e-wallet solutions like Neteller, Moneybookers, and dozens more happily do business with UK casino players. Bank transfers are also an option for most players. If you’re looking for something more unique, prepaid cards are accepted at most casino sites, and some operators even have brick-and-mortar stores where you can fund your account in person.

Taxes on Online Casino Winnings

Perhaps the best news you’ll hear all day is the current state of gambling taxation in the UK. If you’re living in the United Kingdom, there’s absolutely no tax collected on online casino winnings, meaning you get to keep every last pound you win. This applies to all kinds of gambling, regardless of how much you win or the form of gambling the winnings came from.

Future Outlook

With no real attempts to ban online gambling making any progress in the United Kingdom, the future looks bright for online casino players in the UK. As far as we can see, UK casino players should expect to retain full access to online casino sites in the future.

This doesn’t mean that there are no issues to keep an eye on in the UK online casino market, however. One possible change to UK law would require online casino operators to acquire a license to operate in the UK. It is expected that these licenses could then lead to taxes being levied against the operators of gambling sites. In theory, this could cause some online gambling sites to pull out of the UK market. However, players shouldn’t worry; there is no question that plenty of online casinos will continue to operate in the UK regardless of any tax scheme that is implemented.


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