TV spot Series “Big Game” won an Award

TV spot Series “Big Game” won an Award

The sports betting providers Tipico is now for his good TV spots. On the one hand there was the football-Spot with FC Bayern Munich, the campaign “in football everything can happen. Bet?” The TV spot showed the footballers in a different light and showed that even these can have fun and not only on the square spells.

The latest TV spot Series “Big Game” was now in London with an award. Award in the category “most effective sports marketing campaign” could make the bookmakers on the award.
TV-Spot Series Receives Award

The bookmaker Tipico receives in London while E-Gaming Review Marketing & Innovation Award 2016 an award in the category “most effective sports marketing campaign”. There was the Tv-Spot Series “Big Game” for the best sports book marketing campaign” were chosen and set it against the also nominated the betting provider manor gaming and Sky Bet. The award ceremony took place on 1. June 2016 in the pavilion at the Tower of London by an independent jury of experts.

With the spot applied Tipico in the category for the most effective sports marketing campaign. The Tv-Spot Series “Big Game” originates from the year 2015. The story of the spots will be in five parts of the story. In this duel the brand ambassador Oliver Kahn and Peter snug in the card game for your career success. The campaign ran a total of 16 weeks in this time were regularly published new episodes. The high point was a surprising view into the future of the two goalkeeper set Kahn and snug: In fifty years still play them against each other and duel.

Cross-media approach led to the success of the campaign

the Tipico campaign owes its success above all to the implemented cross-media approach to was advertised. So Tv-Spots reached a total range of 79 million contacts. A survey among betting affine people and existing Tipico online customer then confirmed the positive effect. After all, almost 70 percent of participants that the campaign had seen at least once.

The E-Gaming Review magazine is considered to be the world’s leading B2B-publication for the online gaming industry. It will be a year of prizes are awarded to the most innovative and creative vendor in the industry. Taking into account any promotional activity in the last twelve months has taken place. In this way, the magazine published a comprehensive view and can be a verdict. The Brand Ambassador Kahn and snug currently apply a further action of the bookmaker. With the parcour-app can players on their mobile devices a ball through the participating countries of the EM kick and thus secure the title. All bookmaker you will find under

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