Problems With 2.5.6+

Teething Problems

I would like to apologise for problems during releases and patches, upgrade and etc.

There have been a couple of mistakes that were purely my fault, and a couple of patches merged in that appear to have broken functionality people were relying on.

Thus far these appear to be in the Git SCM module, and in the version numbers, here's a catalog of mistakes, if you are victim to all but the most recent upgrade; if something in 2.5.8 is broken for you, please, please write to the mailing list and go back to 2.5.5 with the following command:

# gem uninstall capistrano

and remove the problematic versions; alternately remove them, as above, and install Capistrano 2.5.5 using:

# gem install --version '=2.5.5' capistrano


This appears to break a feature of the Git SCM, details are sketchy, but this thread on the mailing list may fill you in.

There was also a brief period where the version number mistakenly reported as 2.5.5 Fixed.


Appears that it may have had experimental code from a development branch in it, particularly post-deploy tasks defined as part of a default deploy in deploy.rb. This was either a mistake on my part building the gem on the wrong branch, or a bad rebase; I haven't had time to investigate with the problems that came to light with 2.5.8 - these problems are not present in 2.5.8.


Had bad version numbers, and may have continued to report as 2.5.5, amongst other trivial annoyances such as the change-log being misleading.

In Closing...

Thank you for your patience, the message here is clear, we as a community need to invest some heavy time in working out how to test Capistrano so these things can't be broken so easily. There are a great number of frustrating things in the code base which we to address as part of either exiting tickets, or things I have seen that I know should be ticketed or discussed.

Sincere standing apologies, with thanks to everyone who is sending data about problems with their releases!

Lee Hambley